About Us

Welcome to the GUE/NGL Brexit site. This website has been set up by GUE/NGL group to gather all the most important and relevant information and documents related to the UK-EU negotiations on citizens’ rights – EU citizens’ rights in the UK, British citizens in the EU and citizens on both sides of the Irish border – the financial settlement and Ireland.

GUE/NGL (European United Left/Nordic Green Left) is a group of 52 left-wing MEPs from countries across Europe. Each political group in the European Parliament has set up a Brexit Working Group but GUE/NGL MEPs are the only ones who truly stands up for citizens’ rights after Brexit, as well as the special status of the North of Ireland and Brexit’s ramification for its citizens, plus The Good Friday Agreement.

These pages will aim to include as much general information relating to the negotiations as possible. We strive to be the most transparent group in the European Parliament as to where GUE/NGL stands during every step of the negotiations. Official papers as well as commentaries, views and opinions of our MEPs, NGOs, non-political groups, trade unions and other organisations will be included here.

We hope this site will be a useful tool for journalists, cross-border workers, concerned citizens and members of the public.