Role of our MEPs


The enormous impact of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union encompasses many aspects of everyday life: from citizens’ rights, the question over the Irish border and the peace process to international trade, workers’ rights, freedom of movement of people, jurisdiction, defence, future pension commitments, infrastructural spending, regional funding, social cohesion, data sharing, fighting crime, banking regulations, environmental concerns, aviation, agriculture, supply-chains as well as education funding, tourism, fishing rights, broadcasting, the motor industry, pet passports and medicine licenses.

By listening to their constituents’ concerns, and working closely with affected bodies such as trade unions and civil groups, GUE/NGL’s 52 MEPs from 14 EU member states strive to ensure that their parliamentary and committee work will guarantee the European Parliament’s voice is heard, and that its influence in the Brexit negotiations is not diminished or sidelined by the other EU institutions and member state governments.



Gabi Zimmer – President of GUE/NGL and member of the European Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group.

As a member of the European Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group, Germany’s Gabi Zimmer has a ringside seat to the decision-making process for one of the most complicated process at heart of the EU. As president of GUE/NGL, Zimmer will work to safeguard the rights of all citizens affected by Brexit, and that the Irish border issue will not in any way undermine the internationally-recognised Good Friday Agreement.

Martina Anderson – Coordinator of GUE/NGL Brexit Working Group.

Martina Anderson MEP represents a constituency in the north of Ireland and the region voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union. Along with other Irish MEPs in GUE/NGL, Martina works to ensure that the rights of Irish citizens in the north of Ireland are maintained, and that peace as instituted by the Good Friday Agreement, plus cross-border social, political and economic cohesions are not undermined.

Barbara Spinelli – GUE/NGL Coordinator for Brexit and VICE-CHAIR and GUE/NGL Coordinator on Committee on Constitutional Affairs.

Barbara Spinelli, along with her colleague, German MEP Helmut Scholz, work closely with civil groups such the ‘The 3 Million’ and ‘British In Europe’ to safeguard the rights of all EU and UK citizens who will be affected by Brexit.

Helmut Scholz also works closely on the issue of the future trade relations between the EU and the UK which will dominate the Brexit agenda during the second phase of the negotiations in 2018.